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Patient’s allergies cleared using NAET

Patient sees dramatic allergy relief

Marathon runner gets chiropractic treatment to help with sports

Patient is sleeping through the night again after treatment

Gall bladder treatment avoids kidney stones for patient

Food allergy treatment helps patient to eat her favorite foods again

Allergy testing helps patient and her children

Bronchitis treated with holistic therapy at our clinic

Over 25 years of living healthy with Dr. Aylor’s therapy

Experienced life changing chiropractic solutions for allergies to dogs, molds, cats, grasses and some foods

Stress relief through natural CRT treatment

Patient Reviews from the Web

Amazing experience! I lost 16 pounds in 19 days. Had to stop early because I didn’t want to lose any more.

Normal food, almost never hungry, rapid results kept me engaged and encourages. I couldn’t wait to weigh myself each day. The duet reset my metabolism so the weight has stayed off even now that my portion sizes have returned to normal.

Healthier and happier than ever! Thank you Dr. Aylor, Fat Loss California and NutriMost!

Jim R.
Yelp Review

This program and the staff gave me the tools to succeed. This program exceeded my expectations. I have tried every fad diet, yoyo diet, pills, and every workout plan, nothing worked for me because none of these programs taught me how to eat and keep it off. This is the only program that set me up for success. I have been unhappy with my weight and ultimately myself my whole adult life. Because of this program and the staff (Laura and Heather are the best!!!) I have never been more happy with myself. Thank you for believing in me and being my cheering section.

Christy R.
Yelp Review

I have suffered low back pain on and off since I was a sophmore in high school and was injured playing football — over forty years ago. My pain got so bad about a year ago that my wife suggested I see her Chiropractor. Over a period of several weeks, Dr. Aylor was able to treat my pain so that it was managable. I now see him on a bi-weekly basis (once every two weeks) for an adjustment that keeps me operational.

Steve G.
Yelp Review

A few years ago I was vacationing in California when my neck got stuck,like a charley horse in my neck. I went to the E.R.. That didn’t help. My neck was really killing me and it was a Sunday. By chance I found Dr. Aylor in his office doing some paperwork. He spent the next two hours with me working on my neck, After a few questions he determined my injury was caused by my recent diet. I never would have thought. So once he got my neck straightened out I was carefull not to overdo certain foods and have never had the problem again. So a few weeks ago my wife was having problems with her hips, we went to the doctor where we live and then to a local chiropractor, neither seemed to be able to give her any relief. I thought of Dr. Aylor and tracked him down, He has moved to a smaller, less clinical office, really nice, more personal. and relaxing. I thought it was going to be a quick in and out visit but he spent a couple of hours working on her problem. I am glad we made the long trip. We got to spend a day in the California sun and with the treatment and supplements the hip problem is just a faded memory. He gave us some good advice. To get these things checked out early, you can save a lot of pain and worry.The body speaks to you, you just have to listen.

Dave T.
Google Review

This program works! You have to follow it exactly. I’ve lost 22 lbs rapidly without hunger. I’ve lost cravings. It’s totally given me a new mindset. When there’s a difficulty, the staff has coached me to excellent results. The hardest part is drinking enough water. My skin cleared up. My blood pressure went down to normal within 2 weeks! Not craving sugar or carbs at all and I was definitely a carb addict. I highly recommend this program. The staff is great!!

Lizzy P.
Yelp Review

I recently went to Dr Aylor for relief of what I call my ‘basketball back’. Whenever I get tense, such as at my kid’s sporting events I get a tight knot in my back. I’ve also had other aches and pains and trouble sleeping that I figured was just part of getting older. Well, he’s fixed all that. I feel so much better all around and I’m sleeping better. He actually listens and figures out what’s happening to cause the symptoms and treats the cause, not just the symptoms.

Mary S.
Google Review

I’m not one to write reviews unless I feel very strongly about the company. In this case, i feel VERY strongly. I am so thankful that I discovered Nutrimost. I, like a lot of people I’m sure, have tried and failed at pretty much every diet out there. I have a library of diet books. I have invested thousands and it all ended in frustration. I discovered this program at the perfect time. I had a very rude awakening when I saw a photo of myself. I didn’t realize I was THAT fat! I heard about this program from a friend. As I researched it I realized I had to do it. I couldn’t wait. I actually traveled from Montana to California to do this as there isn’t a location in my area…and it was so worth it. I did two rounds and lost 44 pounds and have kept it off for over a year, (which is the first time ever…in over 30 years of dieting). Not only that, but I have gotten off my hormone and thyroid medication which was not helping me at all. I now feel better and more positive than I have ever felt. The Nutrimost program is sound and it works. It has just the right combination of accountability and support. Keeping track of and writing down everything you eat is a big part of this. I will admit, at times, especially early on, I was hungry. But never starving. There were moments that it was a little hard, but overall, not really. Just moments…never all day…never for hours. The reward of weighing yourself the next day was worth it! The weight comes off so fast, and, unlike most diet plans, you want to gain water…increase water at the cellular level while decreasing fat. Dr. Aylor’s office has a scale that tells you exactly what your water is, along with your weight..even your ‘real age’. Every time I went there, I saw my weight go down, my water go up, and my ‘real age’ come down! If you do the math when looking at your progress, you discover that you lose even more weight than you think because your water weight has gone up but your fat has gone down! My knees were starting to hurt before I started this. That’s gone away. And my skin is so much better. I just can’t say enough good things about this plan.

The program, in a nutshell: you go into the office, get weighed, get your other numbers (water percentage, etc) and everything you need to get started. The first day is a loading day…eat a lot of all kinds of things..especially fats. For the next 21-40 days (depending on how much you have to lose or how long you want to do this, you follow a very calorie restrictive diet, which as I mentioned, is a little difficult at moments, especially early on, but not really. You are also given supplements that are specific to you and your body chemistry. I was in almost daily contact with Dr. Aylor’s office with my weight and water, etc. I’m positive this helped. I also remember being anxious to go to bed at night because I knew when I woke the next morning I was going to be happy after weighing myself. After this 21-40 day weight loss phase is the most important part…the reset phase, which lasts three weeks, where you eat more and gradually introduce other foods. During this phase you weigh yourself every day and if you fluctuate more than two pounds you take immediate action. This resets your weight setpoint. And it really works! Finally, after all these years, I’m where I want to be. And people consider me to be thin! After this diet, I remember talking with someone I had just met and she referred to me as ‘thin’ in casual conversation! That had never happened before!

The frustrating part for me before this was, I did everything I should. I ate healthy, I exercised and still gained weight. it was so frustrating.

This program was truly life changing for me. I will forever be grateful that I found it. My goal here is to provide some helpful information for those of you who may be considering the Nutrimost Diet. If you follow this program there is no way that it will not work for you. Once you reach your goal and complete the reset phase that locks you in to your new weight you stay there. It is surprisingly easier than you think.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention. There are some really good recipes on this diet. Recipes that will make you forget you’re on a diet, such as lettuce wrapped tacos, tomato basil chicken. I still make these recipes frequently. They’re delicious!

Carol D.
Yelp Review

Best dieting success I’ve had in 20 years. I lost 77 pounds in 8 months last year and still haven’t gained anything back. Mostly, because of the great support from the staff at Dr. Aylor’s office and the tools they provided for success. I couldn’t have done it without them!

Yvonne B.
Yelp Review

I’ve been going there for over two years now and I couldn’t be happier. Dr. Aylor has solved many mystery ailments that my regular doctors could not figure out. When I go to see my HMO doctors they give me prescriptions to cover up the problem. Dr. Aylor figures out the issue and then treats it. Dr. Aylor has gotten my hair to grow back in when it was falling out from hormone imbalance. His abilities with NAET are phenomenal!

NAET Patient
Google Review

Dr. Ayler and his compassionate staff were so kind and empathetic during my 18 week journey with NutriMost. A great family ran office, they have all experienced this intense detox diet, so they have the patience to deal with your complaints and struggles during the 9 weeks of this program. My only complaint due to the office being very busy is at times they would be running behind 20-25 min, so if you are a stickler about time, this may frustrate you. However your weekly weigh in is brief so it will never be more than a 45 min appt.

The diet program itself works, as I was loosing 1/2 to 2lbs per day consistently throughout my two rounds of NutriMost. Its a tough diet so I don’t recommend travel or a really busy schedule as at home food prep and supplement intake is a continous daily task. The best part of this diet is the side effects of helping my auto immune disease Hyshimoto to improve on a blood work level. I also lost 54lbs, which Im extremely thrilled about for such a short time with no exercise. Yes you read that correctly, no exercise other then light walks on occasion. For those use to exercise on a reg basis there is a suggested work out but a quick 12 min routine that the plan lays out for you.
I never felt weak but your food/sugar addictions will be put to the test because there is no sugar consumption and limited food intake on this diet.
Over all Im so glad I went to Dr.Ayler and did the NutriMost plan, it was a great beginning to my weight loss and health journey.

Indira C.
Yelp Review