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Brain Health Therapy in Camarillo, CA: Dr. James Aylor, DC
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When your brain works right, your body works right.  At Camarillo Holistic and Chiropractic Center, Dr. James Aylor utilizes the revolutionary BrainSpan™ assessment technology to measure, track and optimize his patients brain health in as little as 90 days!

How the BrainSpan™ program works

The simple, three step program beings with a blood spot test and 15 minute online cognitive assessment conducted at Dr. Aylor’s office. The blood tests are then sent to a laboratory where the results identify nutrient and fatty acid deficiencies that may be affecting the brain’s health and function.

Dr. Aylor will then construct a personalized nutritional and lifestyle program based on the results of the testing.  A second test is conducted 90 days after the first to track the health of the brain much the same as you would track the health of your heart.

  • Step #1: Blood & Cognitive Testing
  • Step #2: Nutritional & Lifestyle Program Based on Test Results
  • Step #3: Re-test in 90 Days to Track the Health of the Brain

Benefits of optimizing brain health

  • Boost Your Brain Health & Wellness
  • Improve Your Emotional Intelligence
  • Discover Nutrition and Health Secrets to Increase Your Brain Power
  • Safeguard Your Memory
  • Cut Risk of Brain Attack (Stroke) and Alzheimer’s
  • Improve Mental Ability and Mood
  • Restore Energy, Joy and Satisfaction in Life
  • Find Your Way Out of Depression, Anxiety, Fear, and Anger


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Brain Health

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